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  1. Policing Serious Crime in China: From 'Strike Hard' to 'Kill Fewer' - Susan Trevaskes
  2. Landmark Cases in Medical Law
  3. Legal Education in the Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges
  4. Cultural Expertise and Litigation: Patterns, Conflicts, Narratives
  5. The Extension of Coastal State Jurisdiction in Enclosed or Semi-Enclosed Seas: A Mediterranean and Adriatic Perspective - Mitja Grbec
  6. The Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes: His Speeches, Essays, Letters, and Judicial Opinions
  7. Environmental Law from the Policy Perspective
  8. International Commercial Arbitration
  9. Safety and Security at Sports Grounds - , J. Chalmers
  10. In Search of Common Ground on Abortion: From Culture War to Reproductive Justice
  11. Ordinary Meaning
  12. Construction Claims and Responses
  13. Wild Life: The Institution of Nature - Irus Braverman
  14. International Environmental Law and Distributive Justice: The Equitable Distribution of CDM Projects under the Kyoto Protocol - Tomilola Akanle Eni-Ibukun
  15. Private Property and the Constitution - Bruce Ackerman
  16. Critical Perspectives on Human Rights and Disability Law
  17. Liability Insurance in International Arbitration
  18. Science and Technology in International Economic Law: Balancing Competing Interests
  19. Certified Forensic Consultant Body of Knowledge - American College of Forensic Examiners I
  20. EU Counter-Terrorism Law: Pre-Emption and the Rule of Law - Cian C Murphy
  21. The New Law of Land Registration: Enlargement and Constitutional Reform - Elizabeth Cooke
  22. Judging Children As Children: A Proposal for a Juvenile Justice System - Michael Corriero
  23. Breach of Confidence: Protection of Confidential Information
  24. International Environmental Law-making and Diplomacy: Insights and Overviews
  25. Equal: Women Reshape American Law - Fred Strebeigh
  26. Land Law: A Problem-Based Approach - , Emma Hatfield
  27. Taxation of US Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds
  28. Federal Contracting Made Easy
  29. Reimagining Restorative Justice: Agency and Accountability in the Criminal Process - , Jonathan Doak
  30. Children's Lives in an Era of Children's Rights: The Progress of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Africa
  31. Advanced Topics in Revenue Law: Corporation Tax; International and European Tax; Savings; Charities - , Glen Loutzenhiser
  32. Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life - Helen Nissenbaum
  33. Sine Die: A Guide to the Washington State Legislative Process - Edward D. Seeberger
  34. Cuban Counterpoints: The Legacy of Fernando Ortiz
  35. International Commercial Agreements
  36. The Possibility of Popular Justice: A Case Study of Community Mediation in the United States
  37. The Transparency Fix: Secrets, Leaks, and Uncontrollable Government Information - Mark Fenster
  38. Gender Justice and Legal Pluralities: Latin American and African Perspectives
  39. Constructing Intellectual Property - Alexandra George
  40. The European Crisis and the Transformation of Transnational Governance: Authoritarian Managerialism versus Democratic Governance
  41. Text, Cases and Materials on Contract Law - , James Devenney
  42. The Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the Lawyers - Philip Wood
  43. The Progeny: Justice William J. Brennan's Fight to Preserve the Legacy of New York Times v. Sullivan - , Stephen Wermiel
  44. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and the Law - Michael Mandelstam
  45. Online Legal Protection
  46. Justice and Injustice in Law and Legal Theory
  47. A Casebook on Contract: Rethinking Enrichment by Transfer - Andrew Burrows
  48. Dynamics in the French Constitution: Decoding French Republican Ideas - David Marrani
  49. Trade, Globalization and Sustainability Impact Assessment: A Critical Look at Methods and Outcomes
  50. Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin: A World That Is, Was, and Will Be - Diane Bell
  51. International Trade Law - , Peter Stone
  52. Understanding the Department of the Interior - Don Philpott
  53. Legal Aspects of Pain Management 2nd Edition - Bridgit Dimond
  54. Understanding Family Law - Liz Rodgers
  55. History of the Yale Law School: The Tercentennial Lectures
  56. The Current State of Domain Name Regulation: Domain Names as Second Class Citizens in a Mark-Dominated World - Konstantinos Komaitis
  57. The LSAT Logic Puzzle Book: Are You Smarter than a Lawyer? - Jeff Kolby
  58. Music Editing for Film and Television: The Art and the Process - Steven Saltzman
  59. Hannah Arendt and the Law
  60. Bruno Latour: The Normativity of Networks - Kyle McGee
  61. The Complete Power of Attorney Guide for Consumers and Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply - Linda Ashar
  62. Modern Jurisprudence: A Philosophical Guide - Sean Coyle
  63. Landmark Cases in Property Law
  64. International Joint Ventures: A Practical Guide E-Book - John P. Karalis
  65. The Costs and Funding of Civil Litigation
  66. People Without Rights (Routledge Revivals): An Interpretation of the Fundamentals of the Law of Slavery in the U.S. South - Andrew Fede
  67. The Adversary First Amendment: Free Expression and the Foundations of American Democracy - Martin H. Redish
  68. Construction Contract Variations
  69. Judging Positivism - Margaret Martin
  70. Trade in the Service of Sustainable Development: Linking Trade to Labour Rights and Environmental Standards - Olivier De Schutter
  71. Contract Law
  72. Financial Constraints, Intangible Assets, and Firm Dynamics: Theory and Evidence - Sophia Chen
  73. The U.S. Supreme Court and New Federalism: From the Rehnquist to the Roberts Court - , John C. Blakeman
  74. Quarterly Essay 17: 'Kangaroo Court': Family Law in Australia - John Hirst
  75. International Liability Regime for Biodiversity Damage: The Nagoya-Kuala Lumpur Supplementary Protocol
  76. Islamic Law and Legal System: Studies of Saudi Arabia
  77. Your Ohio Wills, Trusts, and Estates Explained Simply: Important Information You Need to Know for Ohio Residents - Linda C Ashar
  78. Sunbelt Justice: Arizona and the Transformation of American Punishment - Mona Lynch
  79. The Modern Law of Contract
  80. The Impact Corruption on International Commercial Contracts
  81. The Expert Witness in Construction Disputes
  82. Privatising Public Prisons: Labour Law and the Public Procurement Process - Amy Ludlow
  83. Law's Impunity: Responsibility and the Modern Private Military Company - Hin-Yan Liu
  84. The Supreme Court on Trial - David Listokin
  85. Child Law for Social Work
  86. The Economic and Financial Crisis and Collective Labour Law in Europe
  87. Accountability of Armed Opposition Groups in International Law - Liesbeth Zegveld
  88. Human Population Genetic Research in Developing Countries: The Issue of Group Protection - Yue Wang
  89. Climate Change and Human Rights: An International and Comparative Law Perspective
  90. Lauterkeitsrecht: Das Wettbewerbsrecht (UWG) in Systematik und Fallbearbeitung - Karl-Nikolaus Peifer
  91. Consumer Protection and Online Auction Platforms: Towards a Safer Legal Framework - Christine Riefa
  92. Trials from Classical Athens - Christopher Carey
  93. State Control over Private Military and Security Companies in Armed Conflict - Hannah Tonkin
  94. The Legitimacy of The European Union through Legal Rationality: Free Movement of Third Country Nationals - Richard Ball
  95. Walking With the Devil: The Police Code of Silence - Michael Quinn
  96. Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration
  97. Key Facts: Family Law 2nd Edition - Helen L Conway
  98. Your Indiana Wills, Trusts & Estates Explained Simply: Important Information You Need to Know for Indiana Residents - Linda C Ashar
  99. Subversive Property: Law and the Production of Spaces of Belonging - Sarah Keenan
  100. An Institutional Approach to the Responsibility to Protect